President Muhammadu Buhari will on
Saturday depart Abuja ahead of his
bilateral discussions with the President of
the United States of America, on Monday,
April 30.
In a statement released on Friday by the
Special Adviser to the President on Media
and Publicity , Mr Femi Adesina, he said
“the meeting between the two leaders
would discuss ways to enhance the
strategic partnership between the two
countries and to advance shared
such as: promoting economic growth,
fighting terrorism and other threats to
peace and security.” The White House in a
statement revealed
that the meeting is expected focus on
“fighting terrorism” and economic
growth. NIGERIA NEWS had previously
reported that President Donald Trump had
extended an invitation to President
Muhammadu Buhari for bilateral
discussions at the White House in
Washington. “President Trump looks
forward to
discussing ways to enhance our strategic
partnership and advance our shared
priorities: promoting economic growth
and reforms, fighting terrorism and other
threats to peace and security, and
on Nigeria’s role as a democratic leader in
the region,” the White House said in a
“The relationship of the United States with
Nigeria is deep and strong, and Nigeria’s
economic growth, security, and leadership
in Africa will advance our mutual
Announcing the planned departure of the
President ahead of the meeting, Mr Femi
Adesina stressed that “The meeting will
further deepen the US-Nigeria relationship
as the United States considers Nigeria’s
economic growth, security and leadership
in Africa to be critical aspects of their
strategic partnership,” The Presidential
spokesperson also
announced that ahead of the visit,
meetings have been scheduled on April 26
and 27, between senior Nigerian
government officials and executives of
major US companies in the areas of
agriculture, aviation and transportation.
The statement added, “In the area of
aviation, the Nigerian officials will be
meeting with Boeing, the largest aircraft
manufacturer in the world, on the
Carrier Project.
“On agriculture, they will meet with large
equipment manufacturers with a focus on
harvesting and post-harvesting
“In the area of transportation, the officials
will meet with the GE-led consortium for
the implementation of the interim phase
the narrow gauge rail concession.
“In the interim phase, a substantive
concession agreement will be negotiated
and finalized to provide the consortium
with the opportunity to invest an
estimated \bn, to modernize the rail line
from Lagos to Kano \(Western Line) and
from Port Harcourt to Maiduguri \(Eastern
Line). During the meeting, the concession
framework and the interim phase
framework agreements are expected to
“The Nigerian officials will also meet with
US-EXIM Bank and the US Overseas Private
Investment Corporation to explore
competitive financing arrangements.”
[BREAKING] Buhari To Depart
Nigeria For US On Saturday