The entire town woke up the next day to
the sound of the orphanage building bell
ringing, as it had been transformed earlier
into a market.
Chef: What is the bell for?
Everyone ran out and saw that the
orphanage building was as it was used to
be before, and they were all scared as two
giant snakes surrounded it.
Citizen: What the hell is this?
And they all looked up and saw Emeka,
Boa, Tom and Cronus on the roof.
Boa: Listen everyone! The orphanage is
now back to the kids! Anyone who dares
to challenge the decision will have to face
the wrath of my friends \(the snakes).
And just then the giant snakes hissed and
the town people moved back.
Emeka: And as for the food and other stuff
you guys put inside here, it's all ours now!
Aaahh!! The people screamed and ran
away as the giant snakes pretended to
Boa: And this way, the orphanage is finally
yours. And months of food supply are
Emeka: Thank you so much Boa! You are
so great!
Boa and Tom stayed in the town till noon
and they were done sight seeing and
wanted to leave.
Boa: It's time to leave this town and
continue our journey.
Tom: Yes.
Emeka: You guys are leaving already?
Boa: Yes, we are travelers. Don't worry, my
friends \(the snakes) will be here with you
guys for a while.
Emeka: Thank you so much!
Emeka and the kids hugged Boa so tight
as they shed tears.
Boa: Okay, it's time to go! Take this!
Boa gave Emeka a little bag, and just as he
opened it he was blown out of this world.
He screamed out loud as he showed the
kids what was inside, it was 17 royal gold
Emeka: With this we can never get poor!!
Thank you Boa!!
Emeka looked back and around him but
Boa and Tom were long gone.
Emeka: Huh? Where did they go?
Meanwhile Boa and Tom were at the
outskirt of the town and they were
Tom: It was fun here!
Boa: Yea, and I forgot to treat you to an ice
Tom: We still have many more towns and
villages to visit.
Boa: Yea!!
Cronus: Wait!!
They both turned back and saw Cronus
calling out their names, and he was
panting very heavily as he caught up with
Tom: What's the rush?
Cronus: It looks like I'm going in the same
direction with you guys, maybe we can tag
Tom: Sure! It would be great!
Boa: Welcome Cronus!
Cronus: \(Smiles) Yes, thanks.
And so Boa's adventure continues as a half
naked Cronus have joined her crew.
Tom: You know what Boa...
Boa: What??
Tom: I almost forgot to suck your milk
Boa: Pervert!
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