Boa and Tom were in a restaurant and
both of them had just finish five plates of
hot noddles each and they were so
Tom: Wow! This tastes so great! I haven't
eaten anything this sweet before.
Boa: I eat a lot of this back at home, you
should try some soup.
Tom: Sure! Two plates of soup please!
Chef: Consider it done!
The Chef brought two plates of soup and
he ate it up very fast as he smiled.
Tom: The outside world dishes are so
great! Thank you so much Boa!
Boa: Sure, it's no problem. \(In her mind) I
wonder what he had been eating.
Tom: You know what? I only used to eat
roasted meat, fish, fruit and milk with old
man Thomas! I just wish he could be here
to enjoy this, I can't wait for him to meet
Boa: \(Smiles) Sure! I'm going to treat you
to something called ice cream!
Tom: Great! I can't wait.
And just then Tom grabbed her boobs and
she moaned.
Tom: I always end a nice meal with a bottle
of milk. So get ready, I'm going to suck
your milk bags, it's so huge so I'm going
to suck it to my full.
Boa: Sure, in your dreams!
Boa looked up and saw a photo of the
thief and he was written WANTED for 300
Boa: Why would someone so young be
WANTED for 300 Yolks?
Chef: Hmm, that kid? He has been stealing
all over the town. Almost every shop have
felt his wrath including mine, I can't wait
for him to get caught.
Boa: Hmm.
Tom: Yolks?
Boa: Yea, it's the value of money and not
the egg yolk.
Tom: Oh, I understand. He must be a bad

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Episode Two \(2) Continuation
Cronus came upon the restaurant Boa
and Tom were and he ordered for plate
of noddles and soup.
Cronus: Wow! The food in this town also
taste better than the ones at home! So
Boa: \(Smiles) You must be a traveller too.
Cronus was so super excited and he
couldn't keep his eyes off from her as
she was so charming.
Cronus: Yes! I'm a traveller too. The name
is Cronus.
Boa: Nice, the name is Boa.
Cronus: That's such a nice name, and it's
so charming just like you! \(Laughs) You
are such an An....
Tom: The name is Tom, and I'm her
Cronus: Huh?
Cronus took a look at Tom and saw that
he was probably trained in the bush.
Cronus: \(In his mind) Seriously, what
would a hot chick be doing with
someone like him?
Boa: So is this your first town?
Cronus: Yes.
Boa: It's our first town too! Let's be
Boa brought out her hand and Cronus
immediately took it and they shaked.
Cronus: Yes, sure. Let's be friends!
Boa was all smiles and Cronus couldn't
help it as he immediately fell in love.
Cronus: \(In his mind) WOW!! I made the
right decision to travel after all.
Cronus looked up and was shocked to
see the thief's WANTED poster, and Boa
with Tom could see the expression on
his face.
Boa: What's the matter?
Cronus: I saw him!
Chef: What? Where?
Cronus: I don't know exactly but he had
some kids protecting him.
Chef: Those are his gang members!
Boa: No way! I can't let him lead young
kids into his evil ways! Please take me to
Cronus: Sure, but I must warn you the
kids with him are very dangerous.
Boa: Just take me to him!
Tom: I'm coming too.
Cronus: Okay.
The Chef smiled as he saw the trio
walking away.
Chef: Yes! Bring that thief here and the
300 Yolks is yours! We might even add a
bonus! \(Laughs)
Cronus led Boa and Tom to the place
where he found the thief, and they took
a look and saw the kids playing happily
with the thief.
Cronus: This is the place.
Boa: I don't sense any evil from him.
Tom: Me too.
Cronus: What? You guys can sense evil?
Boa: Yes.
Boa made to go after the thief but Cronus
held her.
Cronus: It's dangerous, the kids might
attack you.
Boa: No. It will be all right.
Boa and Tom stepped out and walked
toward the thief and the children were
not aggressive as when they were when
Cronus entered their hideout.
Thief: You found us out!
Boa: Don't worry, \(Smiles) I know that
you are not a bad person.
Thief: What?? How can you tell?
Boa: It's something I can always tell.
Tom: Me too.
The thief and the kids were all smiles and
they flocked around Boa and Tom, and
she patted their head.
Thief: So are you here to help us?
Boa: Huh?
And just the then expression on the kids
faces changed as Cronus stepped out
and he was quite afraid.
Boa: Don't worry, he means no harm
Thief: Okay, relax buddies.
The kids relaxed and calmed down as
Cronus carefully walked toward Boa as
he didn't want to get them upset.
Cronus: \(In his mind) Smiles She
calmed them down with her Angelic
Boa: Yea, so you said something about
our help.
Thief: Yes, first the name is Emeka.
Boa: Okay Emeka, I'm Boa. It's nice to
meet you.
Emeka: Yea. Now listen to what I have to
The children with Emeka were all
orphans and the town's orphanage was
sold off by the town people, and the
money was shared among hemselves
and the kids had nowhere to go until
Emeka who was a grown up orphan
decided to help them by stealing food
from the town people who didn't want
to help the kids.
Emeka: I know stealing is wrong, but I
have no choice.
Boa: So you mean all the town people are
involved in the sale of the orphanage?
Emeka: Yes.
Tom: He's telling the truth.
Boa: All right! There's only one thing left
to do then.
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