A young boy named Tom was checking
out the traps his father had place, and he
saw that something big was caught on
their net.
Tom: Bingo! We just caught a very large
meat. There's going to be a feast tonight!
And just then he heard screams and saw
that what was caught in their net was
struggling to get out, so he picked up a
stick and smiled.
Tom: Meat! Meat!! Meat!!! You are not
running away!
And with a loud scream the net tore and a
very beautiful girl emerged, and he was
taken aback at how charming and sweet
she was.
Boa: Hey, the name is Boa and you?
Tom: What are you?
Boa: Don't be silly, I'm a girl and my name
is Boa!
Tom: A girl huh?
And just then Tom's father \(Thomas) came
and was suprised to see Boa there.
Tom: Dad, our trap caught eh..
Thomas: She's a girl!
Tom: Oh yes, our trap caught a girl.
Thomas: \(To Boa) I'm sorry for the trouble.
Boa: No, I was careless enough to fall for
an obvious trap.
Thomas: Huh? I'm Thomas a hunter and
Tom here is my son.
Boa: I'm Boa!
Thomas: Nice to meet you Boa, I will be
right back.
Tom grabbed Boa's boobs immediately
and started pressing it, and she was quite
Boa: What are you doing?
Tom: I'm checking it out, so what is it
Boa: What do you mean?
Tom: I mean what I'm pressing, what is
Boa: It's called the breasts or the boobs.
\(In her mind) Jeez, haven't he seen a girl
Tom: So what does the boobs do?
Boa: Aww! Don't ask me questions like
that! Well, little children suck the milk it
Tom: Great! So the boobs are milk bags!
Boa: \(In her mind) He's hopeless!!
Tom: You know Boa, we are out of milk in
the house. So do you mind if I suck your
Boa: What!! You dirty pervert! Get your
hands off my boobs!
Tom: I really need some milk!
Aaaahh!! Tom screamed out as Boa
slapped him and his father knocked him
on his head.
Thomas: Please forgive my son, this is his
first time of seeing a girl.
Boa: \(Smiles) It's no problem.
Tom: Aaaahh!! What did you guys do that
Boa: You are silly!
Meanwhile back in the Snake kingdom,
many people were looking for Boa as she
had been declared missing.
Her mother Amanda was very furious
while her elder sister Sophia was busy
polishing her nails.
Amanda: You should be looking for your
sister and not sitting idle.
Sophia: Nobody forced her to run away,
it's her life.
Amanda: Get out of here immediately!
Sophia: Yea yea, you don't have to scream.
Amanda: Get out!!
Sophia ran out of the room and sighed.
Sophia: Why are they so worried about her
absence? Well, she's my little sister so I
might as well look for her. She's such a
Many girls immediately flocked around
Sophia all smiling, and they removed her
Sophia: All right girls, let's start looking for
my sister!!
All: Yes!!
Sophia and her girls raced off to search for
Boa and Amanda watched them go.
Amanda: She might pretend not to care
but she does.
Amanda looked back and saw Boa's twin
broher \(Mamba), as he was playing
Amanda: And what are you still doing
Mamba: It's hopeless mum, I accompanied
her out of the kingdom.
Amanda: What exactly do you mean by
Mamba moved back a little and gulped
down his saliva after realising that his
mother was super angry, and a giant
python surrounded her.
Mamba: I couldn't refuse her request mum,
guess what she said after I accompanied
Amanda: That you are the best brother in
the world?
Mamba: Yes, I'm so so happy she said that.
I love her, she's the best sister in the
Amanda: Get lost and bring her back!
Mamba: Yes mum, in fact I know exactly
where she is!!
Without waiting for his mother's reply,
Mamba ran away immediately and she
cooled down.
Amanda: Damn it! It's almost time for the

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Episode One \(1) Continuation
The search for Boa continued in the
entire Snake kingdom, and there was no
lead on her whereabout.
Sophia: So hopeless, it looks like she
made it out this time.
Mamba who was supposed to go after
her was sleeping on a tree, and he was
smiling as he dreamt about when Boa
called him the best brother in the world.
Mamba: \(In his sleep) Yes, I'm the best
brother in the world.
Sophia saw him and yawned.
Sophia: He's so hopeless!!
Mamba: I'm the best brother in the
Sophia: Of course, you are. Girls let's call
off the search! My sister finally made it
out, she's now as free as the birds in the
sky. I'm so happy for her.
Sophia and her girls left as Mamba kept
dreaming and repeating that he was the
best brother in the world.
Meanwhile Boa was having a good time
with Tom and his father as they ate the
games he caught and the fruits in the
Thomas: So are you a traveller or are you
just lost?
Boa: I'm a traveller, I ran away from
home so that I can explore the open
world. \(Smiles) There are many things out
there that I don't know about, I want to
know them all.
Thomas: That's great!!
Thomas saw the fire in Tom's eyes when
Boa mentioned how she wanted to
explore the open world.
Tom: You are so amazing Boa, I wish I
could do that.
Boa: You can come with me.
Tom: Nah, my old man is going to get
Thomas: \(Laughs) Of course.
Boa: \(Smiles) No problem then, I'm sure
you will have the opportunity some day.
Maybe we will meet in the open world.
Tom: Yea, I'm sure we will. Can I see your
milk bags?
Boa: Huh?
Thomas: Knock it off kid.
Tom: I really want to.
Thomas: You will when you grow up.
Tom: But she said only kids suck it!
Thomas: Aaahh!!
Tom left them laughing knowing that he
just made Thomas smile.
And just then Thomas bowed before Boa
and she was suprised.
Boa: What are you doing?
Thomas: Forgive me lady Boa for not
doing this earlier.
Boa: What? How did you know I'm
Thomas: You look just like you sister
Sophia, I was there the day you were
Boa was still suprised as she didn't know
who Thomas was.
Thomas: My real name is Oar, a member
of the extinct Werewolf tribe. I and Tom
are the last of our kind.....
Boa: I see, that's why you haven't let him
out to the open world.
Thomas: Yes, he's the heir to our throne.
I managed to escape with him when the
North tribe massacred my people. Please,
I have a favour to ask from you.
Boa: Okay?
Thomas: Please take him with you in your
journey, he can't continue to live this
way. I know that he will be safe with you.
Boa: What if he don't want to go?
Thomas: Make him.
And just then Tom came back smiling
with a pineapple and Thomas stood up.
Boa: I have to go now, my mum can get
crazy sometimes. Who knows, maybe she
has sent my sister after me.
Tom: You are going so soon?
Boa: Yes, and you are coming with me
whether you like it or not.
Tom: Huh?
Boa started dragging Tom along as he
didn't want to leave Thomas alone.
Tom: Old man! Old man!
Thomas: Go with her Tom, I will catch up
with you guys later.
Tom: Sure?
Thomas: Yes.
Tom: \(Smiles) Okay, I will be expecting
Aww!! Boa moaned as Tom grabbed her
boobs and laughed.
Tom: Why do you scream like that when I
grab your milk bags?
Boa: Aaaah!! Let's go already!
Tom: Okay, I will finally get the chance to
suck your milk!
Boa: Pervert!
And just few minutes after Boa and Tom
left, the North tribe surrounded Thomas
with their axes.
Thomas: I have been waiting for this
Thomas immediately transformed to a
half wolf and half human as he went
against tens of the North tribe men, in a
battle he had no chance of winning.
Boa and Tom came upon a town and
they both smiled.
Boa: This is where it all begins!!
Tom: Yes, and I can't wait for old man
Thomas to join us.
Boa: Yea, stop touching my boobs!
Tom: I can't help it!!
And so Boa's adventure have finally
begun as she became friends with Tom,
who is also a royalty and Boa was the
first girl he had ever laid his eyes on!
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