Kiss Daniel

With his exit from G-Worldwide Entertainment, Kiss Daniel has much work to do as an independent artist.

Someone told me yesterday that we all need to come together and throw Kiss Daniel and Independence party.

The singer has announced that he has left his record label, G-Worldwide Entertainment. That person asked me to buy drinks, arrange the best party playlist, invite my family, friends and haters to come click glasses, empty bottles and thank God for what he has done in the life of Kiss Daniel.

I said no. This isn’t the time to celebrate. This is a crucial time in the life of the artist. He just pulled himself out a deal that has been bittersweet, and he has lost the cushion and financial muscle of his record label. He is alone now, as a creative, armed with a brand and sublime talent.


But he needs more than that. Since 2013, when he was signed after bagging a degree in Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology \(Water Engineering), from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta \(FUNAAB), he has had people do everything for him. From financing to promotion and branding, Kiss Daniel has been insulated from the admin and business stuff. His role was to create the music and deliver great performances.

For all the hate and criticism that G-Worldwide receives about Kiss Daniel, we also have to acknowledge the fact that they did a great job in finding him, nurturing his talent, and bringing him to us. Without Emperor Geezy, his funding and his tactics, we might not have a Kiss Daniel as part of our mainstream music. That effort in breaking through an artist shouldn’t be scoffed.


Yes, they had their problems and made decisions on his behalf that goes against general reason \(such as the no-collaboration policy), but they managed his talent and generated value for him.

I'll always appreciate the role G- Worldwide has played so far but it's time to take this to a whole new level” states the hit singer.

Kiss has freedom now. And with great freedom comes immense responsibility. He has the ability to either grow wings and soar higher than he currently has, or he could take a plunge, hit rock bottom and become a prime example of why independence isn’t for everyone. The music business is a very murky world filled with labyrinths, mazes, boogeymen, booby traps and more. Navigating all of these and achieving success in spite of it is a skill that requires more than just free air. He has no label shackles now, he is his boss, and he could drive his career in a new direction.

He has started that movement with the launch of his new company, Fly Boy Inc, which will handle his business going forward. That business is just a name at the moment. What will make it accompany is for him to find the right team members; He needs to carefully select the best hands in the business, solid assets and assistants to propel him to the greater heights that he deserves.

While at G-Worldwide, his music spoke for him. But he had no branding. This is the time for him to breathe a little and create a persona that would connect and grow larger. The biggest musicians use music as a soundtrack to their brand. Kiss Daniel needs that to go the distance. Media interviews, top-notch PR, and the works need to come into his system. He needs to unveil his personality and give people to have a reason to stay connected to him when his music isn’t on rotation.


Kiss has the chance to be a great musician. He has the potential to break the hegemony of Wizkid and Davido. That’s why people criticised G-Worldwide, for not letting him shine brighter than he could. But that bogeyman is no more. Kiss Daniel can be huge, and only when he steps into the light and tastes success as an independent artist will the true celebrations begin.

And then I can throw that party, buy drinks, arrange the best party playlist, invite my family, friends and haters to come click glasses, empty bottles and thank God for what he has done in the life of Kiss Daniel.